Zimbabwe Farmers' Union




In 2015 ZFU partnered Econet to offer small holder farmers crop insurance, livestock & farming tips, Funeral cover and subscriptions to the Zimbabwe Farmers Union’s smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. The Union also partnered with Mercy Corps an organization that offers expertise in Information Communication Technology in Agriculture and it is providing technical and financial support to this ZFU Financial Inclusion Strategy Maiden Product., The ZFU-Ecofarmer Combo also partners local private sector retailers to provide discounts for farmers registered for this service. 

Product Description/Offering

 ZFU-Ecofarmer Combo is a partnership product between ZFU and EcoFarmer to offer small holder farmers a monthly $1 package offering broken down as follows:




EcoSure US$500.00 Cover


ZFU Admin Fee


Subscriber ZFU Membership fee  = US$2.00 per year


EcoFarmer Bundle Payment – bundle consists of maize production tips & US$25.00 Weather Index Insurance (WII) cover for maize crop failure for one season for farmers in NR 1,2 and 3 or cattle advisory tips for 12 months for farmers in NR 4 and 5. 


    • Accessed in groups all included
    • Cash pay-out or funeral services in the event of member passing on. Funeral services provided at 100km radii.
    • The group will be availed a Merchant Code which is like their bank account and can also pay for other commodities using this merchant code. Group treasurers no longer keep cash.
    • Payments can be made in advance
    • No need for a phone to join
    • Works well in areas with poor network coverages and limited Ecocash Services
    • Can add as many insurable interest dependents as affordable
    • Claims are processed and paid out through the group(transparency)
    • No hassles when paying ZFU membership fees or subscriptions.
    • Farmers now able to group and demand services
    • Can have other policies even when in a group
    • Discounts on farming inputs.