Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Inclusive Policy Dialogue for Social Development

The Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) is implementing a project titled ‘Inclusive Policy Dialogue for Social Development’ (IPDSD) in three provinces of Zimbabwe. The project [IPDSD] is funded by the European Union (EU). The project will run for 24 months from January 2016 to December 2017. The overall objective of the project is to enhance the participation of 20,000 Zimbabwe rural farmers in policy and social dialogue for food security and nutrition.


Specific Objectives

Through policy and social dialogue farmers will be able to monitor and evaluate the implementation of policy with regards to relevance of the policies to local development programmes. Such social development programmes include agricultural education, extension and training, health, food systems and social safety nets, delivery of road, information and communication, energy and marketing infrastructure: which play critical roles for rural agriculture based livelihoods.


Specifically, the project will;

i) Strengthen farmer organizational structures at grass root level to national levels in the districts of Mutare, Nyanga, Mutasa and Buhera in Manicaland; Masvingo, Mwenezi and Chivi districts in Masvingo province and Gokwe South, Shurugwi and Kwekwe in Midlands Province.

ii) Increase economic literacy of 20,000 farmers through training programmes and

iii) Involve 10,000 farmers in their farmer groups in national policy dialogue platforms from village to national levels.