Zimbabwe Farmers' Union


The Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Program (Zim-ACP) is a 4.5 year project funded by USAID, implemented by DAI and its partners designed to provide technical support to facilitate increased competitiveness of the agriculture sector through:

  • Improvements in the enabling agro-business environment.
  • Improvement of skills training and of agro-business skills and agro-productivity.

To achieve the above, the Zim-ACP initiative has three components:

  1. Supporting and strengthening of farmers’ organisations, commodity associations and agribusiness associations and assisting them to develop their analytical and advocacy capacity, with the ultimate goal of improving the enabling agri-business environment for Zimbabwean farmers, agribusiness and investors.
  2. Increasing the efficiencies in agricultural marketing, developing and applying improved technologies and enhancing the capacity of market institutional infrastructure.
  3. Enhancing the capacity of business service providers to deliver demand driven trainings and technical assistance at a farm and farmer level.