Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Member services

1. Formation Of Functional And Viable Groups And Commodity Associations.
    • Marketing
    • Facilitation Of:
    • Acquisition Of Inputs At Lower Costs
    • Selling Of Produce At Higher Prices
    • Bargaining 
    • Speaking With A Stronger Voice
    •  Sharing Experiences
2. ZFU As A Brand In Farmer Representation
    • Bargaining Power
    • Lobbying And Advocacy
3. Provision Of Information And Technical Expertise Through Provision Of: 
    • Fact  Sheets
    • Budgets
    • Proposals
    • For The Purpose Of:
    • Decision Making
    • Accessing Credit Facilities
4. Provision Of Training And Education
    •  Technical Agriculture Knowledge And Skills
    • Use Of Study Circle Methodology
    • Leadership Development
5. Gender/ Environment/ HIV And AIDS Mainstreaming
    • To Promote Sustainable Development
    • Empowerment Of Youth And Women To Facilitate Inclusive Decision Making.