Zimbabwe Farmers' Union


Any person who lives by and on the land and who holds a valid farmers’ license should be in terms of the farmers Licensing and Levy Act Chapter 109 of 1971 as amended or substituted, shall be entitled to membership of the Union, provided that membership may be extended to any other person or persons upon such terms, conditions and qualifications as council shall in its sole discretion decide to approve. 

Becoming a Member

For one to become a member, an annual fee has to be paid at your nearest ZFU office.
The fees are categorised into 3 classes listed below

      • Communal Farmers-A membership fee of US5.00  is required
      • Small to medium Commercial Farmers-A membership fee of US20.00 is required
      • Large Commercial farmers-A membership fee of US40.00 is required

After paying the subscription fees and upon renewal, an individual is furnished with a membership card, popularly known as the ZFU membership card.The ZFU card entitles the holder to enjoy a wide array  of discounts for goods purchased at various firms.

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