Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Zimbabwe Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2017

The Zimbabwe Youth “Agriprenuership” Summit (ZYAS) organized by the Zimbabwe Farmers Union since 2013, is an annual event meant to motivate and inspire young people engaged in agriculture and its related value chains, to confidently occupy the agri-business space. ZYAS also seeks to develop positive attitudes, leadership skills and other relevant capacities among young people involved or intending to take up space in the agricultural industry. The ZYAS 2017 edition will run under the theme: “INSPIRED TO LEAD AND TRANSFORM!”

The Union is of the view that the future of agriculture lies in the hands of the youths and therefore there is urgent need to unleash their potential and energy in that direction. During the course of 2017 the Union organized Provincial “Agritalks” in which the Youths aired their views and interacted with experts in the field of agriculture and related industries. During the “Agritalks”, the issues that emerged included, among others, recurring leadership failure (both at the individual, farm, business and association levels), limited access to markets and poor adoption of advanced technologies. In responding to these emerging issues, ZYAS 2017 will bring together 300 young leaders from all the corners of Zimbabwe. The Summit this year will make deliberate attempts to unpack some of the leadership topics without which it will be next to impossible for young people to dare to lead and take full ownership of the courses that take them to their destinies. The leadership challenge, up till now remains the difference between change and maintaining the status quo. The nationwide engagements through “Agritalks” inspired ZYAS2017’s theme.