Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Profiling Francis Chirimuuta

Meet ZFU Young Farmer Francis Chirimuuta:

Located in the Murewha District of Mashonaland East Francis, a now 27 years old Young Zimbabwean is passionately and successfully farming on 30 hectares of land, growing Maize, Cabbage and potatoes. But his most important cash crop is the mbambaira, the sweet potato. Besides these crops he keeps a herd of 35 beautiful cattle which he nourishes carefully and keeps in perfect shape.

But next to his success as a farmer he takes up great responsibilities, not only for his farm and his family but also for the community he lives and works in. To keep up with new developments Francis is very keen on researching new ideas and new scientific knowledge about agriculture. With this he manages to transfer knowledge to his farm workers and builds up the capacity in their communities. But also other young farmers benefit from his skills and research. By forming ZFU Young Farmers Clubs in the area he ensures that the new generation of farmers can profit from his research and experiences. This approach leads to his success as a farmer and his contribution to the development of the rural community he lives in.