Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Soilless Farming

11 Dec 2018

Have you ever heard of soilless farming, Clive Nyapokoto takes us through a rather new agricultural technology called vermi- aquaponics?

What is vermi-aquaponics?

This Smart integrated organic agriculture, vermi-aquaponics system (VA system) in an integration of independent organic farming components with ICT technologies into one self-sustainable farming system.

How does it work?

Vermi-aquaponics utilises animal waste to create food for the system. In the processes involved there are variable parameters which need to be constantly monitored and controlled within a specified range so that there is no over or short supply of elements needed for overall functionality.

ICT hardware and software technologies enable remote monitoring and control of the system, this removes the notion of predicting and assuming the status of the system by giving current real-time data of events in the system.

What are the advantages of using this system?

The system enables farmers to grow crops in an artificial environment using ICT technologies to manage the operations over the internet.

By utilizing animal waste, recycling of water and maximum use of space embedding ICT technologies in such a system will enable remote monitoring and control of the system and hence accurate real time data recording by the use of sensors which will send data over a network.

Some series of researches and experiments have been conducted with the objective to discover how best to enhance productivity with the use of minimal natural resources and aiding them with emerging ICT technologies.