Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Plenty in drought!

15 Mar 2016

Many farmers around the country had a bitter disappointment this farming season because of the unstable rainfall pattern, but it is a different story for some Fit For Life graduates.

The Managing Director Barclays Bank Zimbabwe George Guvamatanga during his Executive visit last year donated 100 bags of pfumvudza packs to one hundred fit for life students from Shamva.

 The pfumvudza packs are input packages containing certified maize seed, basal fertilizer, ammonium nitrate and agricultural lime.

Each pack can be planted on 1/32 hectares producing a harvest of 400kgs of maize, estimated to feed a household for the whole year.

These packs were given to these young farmers to grow using conservation agriculture.

“ZFU has trained 15 000 young farmers on conservation agriculture across the country and the pfumvudza packs from the Barclays Bank MD came at the right time because now these young farmers can put theory to practice,” said ZFU’s                 Youth Coordinator Newton Chari.

Mr Guvamatanga expressed his thoughts on the need to support young people in whatever endeavour they are undertaking and his gratitude to ZFU for supporting young farmers.

“I encourage all elders to continue supporting  young people because they are the future, I am also happy with the partnership between ZFU and Barclays Bank because, being here today I can surely say we are making a positive impact working together,” said Guvamatanga.

Some members of staff from ZFU’s Mashonaland Central province made a follow up on some of the students who received the pfumvudza packs and visited their plots.

“The crop is doing well; the young farmers are appreciating conservation agriculture especially because this year we are experiencing long dry spell conditions.

“Most of the crop is striving well because they used principles of conservation agriculture” said ZFU’s Mashonaland Central Provincial Manager Mr Tapiwa Nyamakura.

Fradrick Jiri one of the students who benefited from the pfumvudza packs showed excitement when the team visited his plot and he thanked ZFU and Barclays Bank for the opportunity he got through the Fit for Life program.

“The program helped me a lot in my endeavour to become a successful farmer especially after being equipped with the neccessary  farming as a business and financial literacy skills" he said.

Fradrick, together with other beneficiaries are expecting a good harvest regardless of the weather conditions; he boasted saying, “nzara gore rino tinoinzwira panext door “.

 To compliment what the young farmers are doing within their different YFC’s Barclays Bank Zimbabwe also donated Iron sheets, bed mesh, knapsack sprayers and garden implements and these have been used to construct fowl runs in some centres.