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Sadza and a sizzling beef steak is one of the most popular lunchtime meals you hear being requested by many at various food courts but not many understand the work that is put into producing that mouth watering meal.

Understanding the hard work put into farming, Zimbabwe’s music icon Oliver Mutukudzi has a line, “kuve mukuru, kudya, kana kapwere kudya zvemurimi”.


The Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union (ZFU) has called on Zimbabweans youths to venture into agriculture to create employment and ensure food security to the growing population.


Zimbabwe Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2016 

“If Not Now; Then When? – Innovate Or Die!!!”

24 – 26 August 2016, Harare

Registration Guideline


Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union and Barclays Bank, supported by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education launched the second phase of the Fit For Life Young Farmers’ Clubs Entrepreneurship and Empowerment project.

The event was hosted by Kanyemba Secondary school in Mazowe district of Mashonaland Central on 9June 2016.

Barclays bankrolled the project with USD$206, 145.00.


In a world where changes in weather patterns are the order of the day, strategies to counter the changes have to be fashioned in order for humanity to survive.

Climate change; reduction in rainfall days, heavy destructive down pours that are usually followed by long dry spells have caused the traditional farming methods to be ineffective leaving many families in hunger and dire poverty.


Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora has announced the introduction of a trial agricultural examination for Grade Seven pupils beginning this year.



The corner stone of economic development of any country is production of goods and services.

The current multi-currency system in Zimbabwe is dependent on the country’s capacity to generate sufficient foreign exchange to meet its requirements.

Tobacco remains one of the leading productive sector and export earner. It is against this background that RBZ introduced a 5% tobacco bonus payment to every tobacco sale.


Chemhondoro primary school landed the Silas Hungwe Food Security floating trophy for the second time in the Farmer-led up-scaling of conservation agriculture project competition.

The Competition started in 2013 and in 2014 Chemhondoro Primary school were the national winners.

At a well organised colourful event, the school proved that they deserved every bit of attention, praise and award they were getting that day.

President Mugabe yesterday mourned former Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union president, Mr Silas Hungwe, commending him for his immense contribution in imparting knowledge and skills to indigenous farmers.Mr Hungwe, brother to Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education Cde Josiah Hungwe, died on Monday morning after a long illness.He was 91.

Life is a gift of trust from Jehovah, He gives us this gift because he knows we are capable of making the best out of it.

While others choose to be selfish with this gift and live for themselves to their own benefit, others choose to invest their personality into their world and make it a better place.

It’s a choice that one makes really, a choice to love, a choice to care, a choice to be different.