Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Invitation to submit applications for matching grant funds for investments in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe.

05 Jul 2019

We Effect, together with its partners; Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF), Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU), Zimbabwe Dairy Industry Trust (ZDIT) invites farmers, processors and other DVC players to submit applications for matching funds for investments in productive assets that enables improved performance of the DVC in Zimbabwe.


The Matching Grant Facility (MGF) operates within the framework of the EU funded Agricultural Growth Programme – Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the future. The purpose is to support investments that enable increased;

milk production and milk sales, participation by small-scale farmers in the DVC, greening of manufacturing and production processes, decent job creation and local production of affordable feed. All applications will be assessed against the above purposes. The MGF is limited to capital investments in productive assets such as machinery, equipment and buildings and does not include finance for working capital and services. Interested parties are welcome to submit applications within the framework of the following Windows:


MGF Window 1:   50:50 match

Large-scale dairy processors and dairy farmers are eligible to submit co-finance proposals that aim for establishment of out grower schemes that are targeting small-scale farmers, especially women and young farmers, with a current milk production below 200 litre per day. The MGF will cover 50% of a capital investment cost not exceeding USD 92,000 per scheme.


MGF Window 2:   70:30 match

Small and medium-scale processors and/or farmer owned milk collection centres are eligible to submit co-investment proposals that improves the performance of their businesses. The MGF will cover 70% of a capital investment cost not exceeding USD 16,200.


MGF Window 3:   70:30 match

Within this window small-scale dairy farmers (with a milk production not exceeding 200 litres per day), and feed entrepreneurs are invited to submit co-investment proposals that improves their farming business performance. The MGF will cover 70% of a capital investment cost not exceeding USD 3,200.


All applicants are expected to submit business plans which include a list of the productive assets required and estimated cost for those investments, the number of beneficiaries (including age and gender), increased milk production, green technology to be used, expected job creation, and the expected improved business performance because of the investment. Applicants are expected to explain why co-finance from the MGF is necessary in order to carry out the investment and why the finance cannot be accessed from banks and/or other Financial Institutions. All applications will be competitively assessed by the Grant Management Committee based on three main criteria of Desirability, Feasibility and Viability.


For more information and application forms please contact:

-          We Effect on +263 (242) 707494/ 795865 

-          ZADF on +263 (242) 251848 or email ceo@zadf.co.zw

-          Dairy Services provincial offices.


All applications for Window 1 to be submitted electronically to MGF@weeffect.org addressed to the Matching Grant Manager.


Closing date for applications is 31st July 2019.


Windows 2 and 3 applications to be submitted to ZADF offices or electronically to ceo@zadf.co.zw  addressed to the CEO.


Closing date for applications is 31st August 2019.