Zimbabwe Farmers' Union


05 May 2017

Success Story of Thuthuka Young Farmers Club in Lupane District Matabeleland North Province


History of the Project

Thuthuka Indigenous Chicken club consist of 7 members 3 females and 4 males with a female being the chairperson of the club. The project started on the 20th of August 2016.The group members got their initial stock from contributing 2 chickens each hence started with 14 chickens. All along the project was stagnant due to multiple deficiencies in Business management. The club members then received Business Development and Financial Literacy Training from Zimbabwe Farmers Union as beneficiaries of ZIMBABWE: WORKS PROGRAM. This marked an abrupt growth in their project. Presently the club has 86 chickens in this small period.

Impact of the Training

Zimbabwe Farmers Union encourages young farmers to start somewhere and grow to the top. This is shown by the way young farmers with different enterprises were identified. The Business Development Training presented to Thuthuka Young Framers Club and other young farmers a new opportunity to expand their enterprises by including RECORD KEEPING, MARKET RESEARCH, INCREASE IN PRODUCTION and MINIMIZING COSTS. Thuthuka club proved to live the practical page of the training. The young farmers are inspired and trained to love farming since it is the solution to food security that remains a thorn in the flesh of the entire SUB SAHARA. Having been organized into clubs has given members to easier access to knowledge, training, marketing among others. As a second activity Thuthuka young farmers club is now into saving as a way of raising other funds in their project.


Thuthuka Young Farmers club has resorted into indigenous chickens’ production due to their characteristics that are not found in the exotic. These characteristics are appropriate to traditional low input. The club is marketing its produce by hawking the local market and the local buyers are reportedly willing to pay more for the purchase of indigenous chickens. This shows a high potential for the development of indigenous chickens in small holder farmers. The thuthuka club with this abrupt growth in production have managed to sell more than 50 birds in this short period.

Management and Production

The club members after having under gone the Business Development Training had now a good understanding of quality and quantity in business hence decided to expand their housing. Thuthuka club adopted the economic use of naturally available resources in fowl run construction with nestling boxes and brooder-rearing house using raised startled reeds. According to the club members, they used materials of various types with a view of providing the best ventilation with reasonable durability. The use of low cost feeding and drinking troughs is showing the step towards maximizing profits.




The future of Agriculture lies in Zimbabwean Young Farmers as most elderly farmers will soon drop their tools to rest. Thuthuka Club has proven to young people that farming has economic prospects of self-employment and wealth creation. Having undergone Business Development Training, it is beyond reasonable doubts that high economic benefits might be realize. Hence Zimbabwe Farmers Union is saying to young farmers “YES IT POSSIBLE”