Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Covid19 Lockdown with ZFU Young Farmer Clive

09 Jul 2020

Let me start by saying, a real farmer should never lose.

Innovation, diversification, integration and persistence made an impact in my farming business and I encourage my fellow young farmers to cultivate these virtues in their enterprises.

I have learnt that; my farm is my office and thus during this period I consider myself locked-down in my office and being locked-down in my office I obviously can never run out of work to do.

Throughout my farming journey I have learnt some lessons which I would like to share with fellow farmers;

I have learnt that it is important for farmers to grow their business and brand to an extent that customers will do all it takes to get your products, even travelling far to where you are to purchase them.

In such times as the Covid19 period we have found ourselves in, this actually helps. I have more than 5 walk-in customers daily thus business is still going on.

Let us learn to home office especially when one is still a start-up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking baby steps in trying to grow your business and with time you will definitely get there.

Having a home office also allows you to cut down on a lot of overheads and perhaps make a few savings that can help you in times of trouble such as we have found ourselves in.

You may discover that most start-ups use co-working spaces because they want internet connectivity but if you work hard, you will be able to install internet at your home office where you can work even during the night.

When you work from home or your farm, you cut on transport cost, and even lunch cost.

The other advantage also, is the fact that at home you have family to help you with some of the tasks especially during this lockdown period where almost everyone is at home, thus another lesson I have learnt in my journey is the importance of respecting family.

When the rest of the workforce is not coming to work, your family will be there to help you if you are in good books with them. Value them and your business will not suffer.

Thirdly, treat every client with respect, this is where the money comes from, so handle them with care.

Above all, no matter how hard things may be, learn to save. Precautionary savings help in difficult


Lastly Do not always be on the complaining side, rejoice for there will never be a time like this in your