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For one to become a member, an annual fee has to be paid at your nearest ZFU office.
The fees are categorised into 3 classes :

  • Communal Farmers - US2.00 
  • Small to medium Commercial Farmers - US5.00
  • Large Commercial farmers - US10.00 

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Our Projects

Livestock plays a very important role in the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. The contribution of livestock to livelihoods and food security in the smallholder sector is evidenced by the fact that approximately 55% of the households in the communal areas own cattle, more than 70% of goats and over 80% have chickens.

The Fit for Life Project is a developmental Educational project that strives to provide a second chance education opportunity to children between 15 and 18 years who did not complete Primary education.The project aims at improving the livelihoods of at least 31.000 rural children

About Us

THE Zimbabwe Farmers Union is the largest farmers’ interest organization in Zimbabwe and it represents over a million farming households. It is a membership based organization (owned by farmers). 

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ZFU President

At the highest level, the Union is headed by the Presidium, constituting of a President, first and second Vice President. The ZFU President is Retired Major Abdul Credit Nyathi. 

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Top News

The corner stone of economic development of any country is production of goods and services.

Chemhondoro primary school landed the Silas Hungwe Food Security floating trophy for the second time in the Farmer-led up-scaling of conservation agriculture project competition.

President Mugabe yesterday mourned former Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union president, Mr Silas Hungwe, commending him for his immense contribution in imparting knowledge and skills to indigenous farmers.M


How familiar are you with conservation tillage?