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Become a member

For one to become a member, an annual fee has to be paid at your nearest ZFU office.
The fees are categorised into 3 classes :

  • Communal Farmers - US10.00 
  • Small to medium Commercial Farmers - US25.00
  • Large Commercial farmers - US50.00 

Visit our offices and register to be a member!

Our Projects

ZFU has identified climate change as one of the major challenges impacting on the development of farmers in Zimbabwe and has been directly involved in the implementation of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) initiatives. With support from Norad through SACAU, ZFU has successfully implemented a Conservation Agriculture (CA) program in six of the country’s districts. ZFU designed innovative ways for scaling up the uptake of CA and managed to reach out to more than 8000 farmers within a period of 4 years. It is against this background that ZFU was selected as a partner in the current project.

The idea behind the action is to create constructive and guided dialogue and establish mutually beneficial relationships between the young farmers and the service providers and business and extension experts from the agriculture sector so that youths can achieve viable agriculture. A panel of industry stakeholders will be invited to meet the youths.

About Us

THE Zimbabwe Farmers Union is the largest farmers’ interest organization in Zimbabwe and it represents over a million farming households. It is a membership based organization (owned by farmers). 

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ZFU President

At the highest level, the Union is headed by the Presidium, constituting of a President, first and second Vice President. The ZFU President is Retired Major Abdul Credit Nyathi. 

Top News

By Adeva Machiso Gwenzi.

By Adeva Machiso Gwenzi

Every business requires constant skills development for it to continue to be competitive, farming included because farming is a business.

We Effect, together with its partners; Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF), Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU), Zimbabwe Dairy Industry Trust (ZDIT) invites farmers, processors and other DVC pla

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